Day 2 in Greenland – Start Drilling – July 12, 2012

This day initially began with a rough start as one of the rental trucks had a dead battery. With no other truck to spare, we had to make two trips to get the entire team to the field. Since the drill team was the last team to go, we took advantage of the opportunity to visit the local “Meat Market.” Today they were selling fresh Whale (which we had for dinner – It tastes like liver).

After arriving in the field, we probed around a bit before selecting the final drill site that was interesting to our geologist lead Lisa Pratt. Here we had to drill into a meter of very hard Felsic rock. After initially breaking one of our sniffer drill bits, we were successful in deploying a second bit. Here it will sit for over a year collecting gasses from the rock. This is good for science, but forces us to break our rule of no drill strings left behind!

After finishing at the first drilling location, we moved on to scout out the second location which offered some very scenic views.

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