Day 3 in Greenland, More success! – July 13, 2012

Since we beat the Lake team to the site today, we had to have a little fun and hide their boat. This took some sacrifice though. Luckily our PI was up to the task.

The Lake team is clearly wondering what happened to their boat they had anchored the night before!

Meanwhile… We drilled and embedded our second sniffer drill string (1st of the day at Potentilla Lake). Photo Left to Right: Kris, Neils, Lisa, Gale.

Success continues as we embedded our third sniffer drill string (2nd of the day at Potentilla Lake)! Photo Left to Right: Kris, Neils, Gale, Lisa, Jeff.

After deploying the second drill string at Potentilla Lake, we returned to the one deployed just a few hours earlier to collect some gas. Analysis this afternoon is already showing higher levels of Methane from the gas collected from our Sniffer as compared to the air in that area! This means there is methane originating in the rock fractures.

Kris at drill site 1 at Potentilla Lake collecting an important rock specimen that was left behind.

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