Travel to Greenland – July 11, 2012

Kris and Gale make the 6 hour flight from New York to Greenland thanks to the 109th Air National Guard. Luckily everyone was able to sit in 1st Class!

Upon arrival we were greeted with a lot of excitement due to the raging river. A weather system had moved into the region bringing lots of warmer air and increased the volume of water melting from the glacier. A loader was deployed in an attempt to add more support to the bridge. This was obviously not successful as the bridge partially collapsed and left the loader hanging. Definitely a scary moment for the operator!

After watching part of the bridge collapse, we went out into the field to scout our first drilling area. On our way to the site, we were already greeted by some Arctic wildlife. We saw an Arctic Fox running on the road and then Kris made the catch of the day by capturing this Muskox! (Actually this creature had been dead for a few years.)

After returning from the field we discovered that the water had finally carried the Excavator off. There is no sign of it now, but this river will dry up by October so maybe they will dig it out then.

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