Day 4 in Greenland, Final Sniffer Deployed – July 14, 2012

After only a few days in Greenland Kris already feels like he’s home.

Our final drill location was the closest location to the Ice Cap. This made for some more scenic views.

Heading to our final drill site at “Fox Den” we were spotted by a Caribou (unfortunately we didn’t actually see Caribou, just this antler and a few bones)

The final location selected for the final sniffer bit was high on a rock face. Actually…

…it wasn’t that high. The team from left to right with the 4th and final sniffer drill bit installed and ready for use (Kris, Lisa, Gale, Sarah).

After installing the final drill bit at Fox Den, we returned to the 1st drill site at EVV to collect some gas from the borehole. Along the way, we stumbled on a nice patch of blueberries ready for consumption.

While sampling gas from the EVV site, Gale is wondering why he ate so many blueberries.

After collecting sample at EVV, we returned to the 1st drill site on the East end of Potentilla Lake to test an instrument developed by Lance Christensen at JPL. We then collected more gas for analysis at the lab. Analysis of the gases at these 2 sites indicate higher levels of methane than the ambient air. This was the second collection at this particular Potentilla site and values this time were even higher than the first (which was captured only a few hours after the hole was drilled).

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