Day 5 in Greenland, Collecting Gas – July 15, 2012

After packing up our gear, we headed out to the field again to show the location of the drill sties to one of the scientists who will be staying around a little longer to collect data. This time, we decided to make the remaining short drive and go on to the ice cap. After spending last winter in Pasadena, Kris and Gale had forgotten what it feels like to be cold! (location: N 67 deg 9.167′, W 50 deg 3.164′ @ 1663 ft elevation)

Just an another amazing view of the Landscape

Next stop down the road was the Fox Den location. Here Seth is sampling gas from the drill bit at this location. (N 67 deg 8.047′, W 50 deg 9.484′, Elevation @ 1368 ft.)

Next stop was back at EVV for more blueberries (and tagging the drill bit). (location: N 67 deg 5.296′, W 50 deg 17.001′. Elevation @ 922 ft)

The 4th stop of the day was back to Potentilla Lake where we tagged the drill bit at the East end and collected gas from the drill bit at the West end. Respective locations are: N 67 deg 4.898′, W 50 deg 21.168′ @ 924 ft and N 67 deg 4.863′, W 50 deg 21.508′ @ 988 ft.

Finally we returned back to Kangerlussuaq where we were able to squeeze one more rock into the cargo (even after they finished crating everything!). Location of Kanger: N 67 deg 0.549′, W 50 deg 41.333′ @ 116 ft. Elevation.

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