Happy Camper Training

Upon arriving at McMurdo and having about 6 hours of sleep (probably half the time we really needed) we were delegated to complete Happy Camper Training,  course that is supposed to teach you how to survive in this harsh environment when you are by yourself or with a small group of people.

One of our tasks was to build a snow wall to protect the camp from strong Southerly winds. As you can see, team work is an answer to everything.

One of the campers is shoveling snow to build a trench to sleep in for the “night”.. In the back you can see Mt Erebus, situated on Ross Island soaring to 12,448 ft. It is the most southerly volcano on Earth and is currently active!

Now that was a real surprise for me. You can still see Scott’s tents which are used today  because are very sturdy and capable of withstanding very strong winds – take that North Face!

So we made it to Antarctica, completed Happy Camper Training and are ready to do some work. I will keep you updated on that. Till next time!

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