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This week we are having Education & Public Outreach (EPO) sessions in various schools across the country.  On Monday we met virtually with kids from Arizona, we spent Tuesday in New York and today we skyped with kids from Pasadena. It was an unforgettable experience which me and my colleges enjoyed very much. Kids were able to operate the drill via ‘GoToMyPC’ software and could see the outcome of their actions via Skype.

First, we explained why we went to Antarctica. After that we showed them around, talked about the drill, how it operates and why it is so important for. Then came the fun part. Kids were able to send commands directly to the drill and see it respond. It was a great experience for them but also a unique test for the drill which was passed successfully.

We connected with two schools and all the kids did great. They not only listened but also asked questions  like: “How long does it take to build this type of a drill”, ” How do we transport it to Antarctica”, “If we like it here” and of course “What’s the temperature”.

And this is what it looked like on our side

We hope kids enjoyed this one of a kind experience. We surely did. I am already looking forward to doing it again.


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