All New Atacama (2013)

On the gateway to beginning of great summer season, I was on my way to Atacama Desert.  Antofagasta, located 1375km north of Santiago, Chile, lies world’s driest desert.

Besides long hours of travel, unpleasant economy class, and dusty air, I am very excited about the traverse into new experience.

Carnegie Mellon’s Zoe rover, with the LITA drill from Honeybee Robotics integrated.

“Con gas o Sin gas” is the question of the day. Walking into restaurant, one cannot just ask for “agua.”  Unlike many cities in  America, they have tasty food (although, you cannot find tacos).

I’m here with robotics team from Carnegie Mellon University, myself, and few others from NASA Ames and JPL who will be joining our group later this week.  The Zoe has arrived safely here with Honeybee’s LITA drill.

Working here at Universidad Catolica Del Norte, we are getting VIP treatment from the university.  As day three begins, our drill is ready to be put to the test and waiting for the rover to be ready.  There are great excitement among the people here.  I am doing my best to represent the LITA project and Honeybee Robotics.

Local media in Chile has been very interested, and supportive.


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