Heading to the Desert

Sean enjoying his new "celebrity" status

Before Gale’s arrival, Sean was enjoying his new “celebrity” status which attracted visitors of all kinds.

After 24 hours of traveling, Gale is rewarded with an empanada before starting to work. A consolation prize to arriving with no extra clothes!

After midnight the rover is finally packed for a safe trip to the Atacama Desert. Thanks to the Antofagasta University for providing work space!

The trip to the Desert had some scenic views including this hand.

After a few hours of off road driving (after arriving at Mina Guanaco – home base for the next few weeks), we arrived at what was planned to be one of the exploration areas for the rover. However, we do not wish to explore snow this year! It is winter after all and at approximately 13,000 ft elevation, this can happen anywhere. Luckily there is plenty of “dry” desert around.

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  1. Sean Yoon says:

    I was able to retrieve Gale’s luggage after he left for desert. Gale, you will have fresh, clean clothes when you go back home.

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