Eating Dirt with Dust Toppings

When Gale came back from Atacama on Wednesday night, he was covered with dust looking very tired.  I knew then what I was getting into.  After a cold beer, he handed off great responsibility of looking after our LITA Drill.

I’ve joined the team after Gale has left for good weather and warm bed.  To kick things off, I’ve made my own mark in the Atacama Desert.  Wishing safety of everyone on this harsh environment and successful (satisfying) results.

Our good navigator Raul! Thanks to him, we are able to come back and have dinner in time! I really think he navigates these deserted desert by looking at stars, real wonder.

Bitter defeat…. What are you?

Zoe and LITA Drill off to a new and unknown location.

LITA patch.  This I believe is the true gold medal for good engineers at Honeybee Robotics.  Gale, Magnus, Tibor, Bolek, Phil, Stephen, Justin, Alex, Ola, Yvonne, Sean, and especially our greatest supporter Kris Zacny and Jack Craft.

Adios Antofagasta… So long Atacama Desert.  Gale has worked hard and didn’t get to enjoy Antofagasta.  Salute to him.

I have officially begun my first real field test here in Antofagasta, Chile.  I have big shoes fill, my performance will solidify upon many engineers and scientists here with me, as well as reputation of our company.

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