Great Expedition: Lucha Americanos

The field work is not as easy as it may seem…  It has become our habit to wake up before the sun rises and able to comeback just in time for dinner when the moon is brightest.

This was one of our very successful drilling operation.  We were able to collect lots of cuttings from Locale 6B, which consisted of clay like material mixed with some rocks.  Percussion kicked off at 20cm range.  Final depth was 50cm.

Some areas were very difficult to get samples.  As we were drilling holes were collapsing around the bit, exposing drill bit above the surface ground.

No sample was collected at this site (Locale 5)

Some areas are just not stable.  Surface collapsing where Zoe drove over.  (Locale 4)

Although “We Drill the Hard Stuff,” we do not hurt people.  Kim Warren is just collecting cuttings (Locale 6B).  She was very excited about the performance.

———————————————————————Getting dirty is not a problem for us these days.  We do not care about wearing clean clothes anymore.  Our clothes, bags, and all the gears are covered with dust, yet we do not bother cleaning them.

My mute colored jeans and jacket.

Everybody working together to fix the problem while battling cold weather and high wind.

Moon rises early on late June in southern hemisphere.

Working with moon light, flash light, head light, and all sorts of lights we can find.  Very hard to move our fingers as they become numb.

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