Vida del Atacama

Taking an advise from Kris and Jack, I made this ride into one of our own. I’m really enjoying this little caballo.

On Wednesday we had another media day here in Atacama desert.  TV and newspaper reporters showing up for interview and little demo.  Dr. Guillermo Chong seems to like me, he calls me up to take picture with David and Kim.  After short demo, they were onto taking landscaping shots.  Hmm…

Haha!! Jackpot!! you never know what you can find here.  I think I broke tens of rocks to fine this gorgeous Ammonite dating back to who knows when.  I offered it to Guillermo, but no deal was made.

Raul enjoying tuna sandwich.  This marvelous cousin was made by non other than myself.  Fresh avocado, tuna, onion, and tomato.  “Que rico!”  I think we are all getting sick and tired of cookies, crackers, 3 week old salami.

Only few days left in the this years field test, we’ve finally reached final testing ground.  Rover and all people made safely here.  This basin is where all runoff gets collected and absorbed.  Hence, high possibility on finding some life.

I will have to do finally checkup tomorrow and this soil looks very promising for our drill operation and sample acquisition.




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