Hasta luego Atacama

It was my very first field test and I am thrilled that everything turned out to be a successful trip.  Last day of June 2013, we are wrapping up everything from the harsh desert and finally heading home.  Knowing that we’ve delivered and everything survived without major problem, I can head back home with my elevated pride.

I provided great help in packing Zoe into the crate that it came in from USA.  Those CMU “Geek Squad” need true mechanical engineers to get it DONE!!

Antofagasta, Chile was beautiful city with great food and people.  The city itself is not known to be a tourist city, however, it definitely has some great landmarks.  One of which are La Portada.


Another beautiful view of ocean from play pool.  A great place to cool off summer heat.  Oh well, it was winter…. next time!

Salute to all of our hard work, we finish off our great trip with Pisco Sour.  It was very difficult at times, but overall, I really enjoyed this trip and hope to come back next year when we have another field test.  Until then, I will sharpen up on my Spanish.

Next off, Greenland for me!

July, 2013…… Sean Yoon


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