Flight of the C-130

Hey there, Justin here. Yesterday started our adventure in Greenland. Then entire day was pretty much devoted to travel. It started with an early morning bus ride to the Air National Guard station where us and all of our stuff were loaded on the C-130 bound for Goose Bay Canada, then onward to Greenland.

Sean and I about to board our flight on the C-130


Our seats on the plane, really comfortable actually.

It was pretty tight quarters in the plane. You can spot Sean on the left in blue.

Overall the trip took something like 8 hours including our stop in Goose Bay. Once landed we were escorted to the KISS facility which will be home while we are here.

The KISS building. It may not look like much but it is pretty nice.

After we all went inside, the KISS staff were nice enough to feed us dinner (it was about 7pm local time), then we got our room assignments and the keys to our rental vehicle. Lisa was expecting a red and white one like almost every other truck around here, but we got the only blue one around!

Chinese food in Greenland…

Getting ready to head out in the awesome blue truck!

After we got settled a little, Lisa took us on a tour of the area so we could get an idea of what we were in for. Besides being much colder than we expected, it was a wonderful trip full of all sorts of natural beauty.

This area is referred to as the beach or the desert. It is a very sandy area that has runoff from the glacier.


Some animal tracks of what we think was a muskox who walked down to get some water from the river.

We returned to KISS around 11pm, but it sure did not seem like it with the big time change from California, and the fact that the sun did not go down! Today we unpack our gear and head out to the field to scope out test sites. More to come soon.

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