Operation EVV Recon

Greetings all, Justin here. Day 2 of our Greenland adventure was mostly about getting ready for the rest of the trip. First thing first, we had to get all of our cargo in one spot and get things organized. This took most of the morning.

The view of our instrument room where we have been prepping our equipment.

As mentioned before, one of our primary missions is to deploy the Icebreaker 2 drill and insert a Sniffer that way. Most of the lake sites that are of interest are well off of the beaten path and require a substantial hike, which would be very difficult with all of the IB2 equipment. The one site closest to the road are what are called Upper and Lower EVV (numbers one and two on the map from a few posts back). Today’s primary mission was to find a good spot to place IB2 in this area. But first, a trip to the local grocery store to load up on food for the next few days.

Sean really wanted to know what was in this. There really wasn’t a hint anywhere on the box. Turned out to be crackers…

After lunch we headed out into the field. On our way to the EVV site we stopped at a lake nicknamed Sea Tomato Lake. This place got the unofficial name because it is fulled with what Lisa calls sea tomatoes. These things are not fruit though, they are actually cyanobacteria. They do look and feel like tomatoes though.

Most of these have dried up

Lisa found one that had not dried out yet.

We all took turns to investigate, this is Sara by the way.

Sean cut it open so we could look inside.

We would have liked to stayed longer, but we had work to do. After several pictures, the tomato was tossed back into the lake with a “be free little tomato” from Lisa, and we continued to EVV.

Sean at tomato lake with a mound called Sugar Bun in the background

The route to EVV takes us very near the glacier, so it is extra cold and extra windy there. The work must go on though, and the search for a drill site commenced.

Sean got a great shot of the glacier between the hills

We explored several large rock features around EVV until we found one that looked very promising for an IB2 deployment. Some quick tests would tell us for sure though.

Running one of several ROP tests

After a few rock hardness and ROP tests, the site was deemed good to go for IB2. We marked the coordinated for the spot and Sean marked the occasion in traditional Honeybee style.

Sean threw this Inukshuk together to mark the start of drilling. It wasn’t easy considering all of the rocks around where so round.

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