Greenland, “The Green Land”

Sean here, this will be my first post for Greenland.  Since Justin is taking care of our daily progress, I want to talk more about the nature and life here.
Airgreenland is the way to get around within Greenland with people as well as supplies.

Although it’s summer season here, it can get pretty cold and wind blowing off from the glacier does not help at all.  Looking over lakes and mountain, the team (Sarah, Justin, Lisa, and myself) scouts for good drilling spots.

Not too far from our base, we can see the glorious glacier.

Hiking is not easy for couple of Californian guys, especially with all the drilling equipment, but we are prized with spectacular scenic views.  We’ll see tourist go by once in a while, other than that, place is nature itself.

Maybe Kris ate all the berries last year, we did not find any ripened berries.

Sarah working on one of the lakes.  I gladly accepted when she offer me a chance to ride the boat.Rain is coming, darker cloud moving closer as we head off to the base.The place is rich of vegetation, including flowers.  We often encounter animal foot prints and droppings along the trail, but we have not seen them yet (alive).

The Sun never goes down here in Greenland summer season.  This picture was taken at 12:30 at night.  It’s both blessing and curse.  Without any watch, you can get lost in time.



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