Icebreaker on EVV-NRFZ

Aloha from the Arctic, Justin here. Day three in Greenland was all about Icebreaker 2. We returned to the north ridge fracture zone (NRFZ) above the EVV lakes which we scoped out for IB2 the day before. Even though the spot was the easiest we knew of to get to from the road, it still required a roughly 800 foot hike up the ridge with all of our equipment. It took several trips, but we got it all.

The landscape is deceptive without trees. That is actually quite the hike to the ridge.

Sean got the nickname Sean the Sherpa from Sarah by carrying the big boxes on his head/back up the steep hill

Once we got all of the equipment we set everything up to prep for drilling. Once we had everything ready, a few glam shots then time to drill!

Sean putting the final touches on the equipment, almost ready to drill.

It was very windy up there, had to hold on my hood

Same for Sean, at least the wind helped keep the bugs away

While we drilled, Lisa took samples of the cuttings for later analysis.

IB2 making powder out of this rock.

The wind was blowing away our cuttings so we had to improvise a sample cup out of aluminum foil.

Alas the arctic sun plays tricks on the mind, and before we knew it, it was late and we needed to head back to town. IB2 helped perform some important science up on the north ridge. I must say, IB2 looks pretty impressive from a far up on that hill.

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