Teardrop Lake – North Shore Feacture Zone

Hei alle sammen, Justin again. Day 4 in Greenland started with us perfecting our process of cleaning out the sniffers before deployment. They need to be a clean as possible on the inside in order to not get any false readings from extracted gas, so we degreased and rinsed with boiling water.

I hold the sniffer while Lisa forces boiling water through it

With equipment in hand it was time to hike up the Teardrop lake. This lake was named for its shape on a satellite map, not for the tears we shed on the long hike up to it.

Sean the Sherpa carrying a double load up the hill

Finally arrived and happy to take off the heavy bags we were all carrying

Once we got to the lake, Lisa began to look for a suitable site for drilling.

Lisa is always on the hunt for a good spot to plant a sniffer, and she leaves no stone unturned.

One advantage of our new sniffer design this year is the ability to go through a layer of soil over bedrock. Once we found a spot as such, the drilling began.

The foil on the ground was to try to collect cuttings, didn’t work very well though.

Because we kept losing rock cuttings in the soil, we decided that we had best just dig a pit down the the bedrock so we could see what we were dealing with and get some good samples. The pit was almost 2 feet deep!

Digging the put was no easy task, but it was worth it

Lisa had to reach way down in order to collect samples

When the day was done we were able to compare samples across the two different days. When you look at individual samples they don’t seem very interesting, but check this guy out:

See the difference in the rocks we were drilling? And even in the right sample you can see it change as you drill deeper.


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