Potentilla – Red Bone Fracture Zone

Hello all, Justin here. Day 5 in Greenland brought us to Potentilla lake. This lake was named for the tiny yellow flowers that grow all around the shoreline. So tiny that you won’t be seeing them in this picture.

Looking across the lake to our soon to be drill site

As per the usual routine, once Lisa had identified a location she wanted to drill into, Sean and I got to work. This location was called Red Bone because of the red musk ox bones near it.

These guys were all over the area

Sean was ready for action

Drilling was going really well and the samples we were getting were showing this to be an ideal spot to leave a sniffer in the rock.

The sniffer bit (named Snuffles) was already deeper into Greenland rock than we had ever been!

Moisture deep inside of solid bedrock? We must be in a fracture zone!

While drilling we would occasionally pull out to inspect the Sniffer to check for wear and see if we were good to keep drilling. Lisa was kind enough to let us use her hand lens to inspect the cutters.

Appears to be okay to keep going

Lisa has been teaching us all about the geology of the area, so we have been trading her for knowledge about drilling. Today’s lesson, bit wear.

We taught Lisa what to look for with bit wear

The day came to a close and we had to leave the site, but this one was too good to not come back to, and indeed we did. But you will have to wait to see what happened in the next post…

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