Drill Sites Revisited

As per usual, Justin here. Day 6 in Greenland had us revisiting a few of our old drill sites. First stop was Potentilla to finish putting in the drill string we had started the day before.

With nearly 2 meters into bedrock, the standing situation gets a little cramped

It is important to pull back and remove cuttings from time to time, but that too can be a stretch in the small space

This one was finished and we left the sniffer in the hole to collect sample gas over the next year. 71″ into solid bedrock is a new Greenland record for us.

Not much of the drill string taller than me left sticking out of the hole

Our next stop was Teardrop again to continue our testing there. There was not much time left in the day so we only did a few test holes in this pretty cool flower structure. We called the site Goose Foot because of all the goose footprints around the site, and because the rock kind of looks like a goose foot.

The goose foot may not be completely visible past Lisa and Sean. Trust me it is there…

We would return to this site the next day. On our way back to Kanger, we spotted a stack of glacier ice off the side of the road by the river. Turns out a research group spent the day staking them as they floated down the river. Pretty COOL stuff…

We just had to take our pick of what to bring back with us

Quick take the picture, it is cold!

Sean had his own special piece

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