Gossan at the Glacier

Aloha from Hawaii! Just kidding, Justin here from Greenland. Day 8 was a rather exciting one for us. We took a long hike down to the glacier in order to sample some very Mars-like terrain called a gossan.

We got some extra help to carry the equipment this time

Some of our party did not make the perilous hike and soon turned to reindeer and died…

Once we all safely made it to the glacier, we suddenly found ourselves on Mars.

The rock hammer is for scale, but it sure does not look like Greenland anymore

The drill we were using required water to run, so we took a second hike even closer to the glacier to pick some up.

Tada, a glacier!

This turned out to be a great spot for pictures

Sean and I collecting water

Returning up the hill to our drill site, we took some pretty good soil samples, then took the long hike home for the day.

Sean marked lines every 2 inches to help us collect samples

Drilling for samples


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