Victory at Goose Foot

Salutations readers, Justin here. There was not a lot of variety in our work on day 7. Our goal for the day was to finish implanting the sniffer (named Schnoz) into the fracture at Teardrop lake we had called Goose Foot.

Greenland greeted us with an absolutely beautiful day

Back to drilling

This borehole took us most of the day to finish. The material inside of the fracture was fairly soft as far as Greenland rocks go, but it was also moist the whole way down, making this one a tough nut to crack. Eventually tough, Lisa was satisfied with the depth and we proclaimed victory over Goose Foot!

You can see condensation in each sample bag

Sniffer has been sealed and secured, ready to collect some gas sample!

And a nice group photo to end the hard day’s work

Although this was the last sniffer we inserted for the trip, there was still plenty to do. Stay tuned.

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