Taking samples and saying goodbye

Hey all, Justin again. Out last two days in Greenland were full of beautiful sights, and gas samples. Last year’s  sniffers have been sitting for a year just waiting to be sampled, and their wait was finally over. We also took samples from the sniffers we planted this year, just for kicks.

Jeff takes a gas sample from the new borehole at Goose Foot

We visited four sniffers in the area around Potentilla and Teardrop, and one sniffer WAY out near the glacier at Fox Den. The trip to Fox Den took us past the locked gate on the road which upped our chances for seeing wildlife, and wildlife we did see.

The musk ox look just like boulders from a far, but if you look closely you can see they are alive!

Before we hit up Fox Den, we took a side trip to the ice sheet to stand on top of the glacier.

Sean excited as ever on top of the ice sheet

I was excited too, but it was really cold

We finally got over to the Fox Den site and found the borehole intact and ready for sampling.

Lisa took a sample while I held the sample bag in the high wind

Sean and I in front of the Fox Den borehole, the last one we would be visiting on our adventure.

After returning to KISS it was time to clean up, and boy did we have a lot to clean up.

When you are working hard in the field there is not always time to make the bed.

All of our equipment loaded into the truck ready to ship back home

Greenland was a fantastic experience, despite all of the hard work. Testing our equipment in analogue environments is a very important step towards sending it to Mars, and we have done just that.

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