Greenland, The Beautiful

Sean here, we spent our final day by visiting Russells Glacier which gave Greenland a name for being a “Coolest Place on Earth.”  It was so great to get away from those pesky mosquitoes. 

We were presented with a breathtaking scenic views as we got closer to the glacier.

This was at Gossan, which is different location than Russells glacier, but sound of breaking glacier is something to remember.

Going back to Russells, we were walking on top of glacier.  Another extraordinary view, resembles frozen waves.  Lisa Pratt referred this ice as “dirty ice” as sediments settled down on top of the ice as well as number of tourist walking on the ice.

Time for group picture (Tuillis O, Sean Y, Lisa P, Justin S, from left)

Back at KISS, we enjoyed our dinner as our part of 2013 summer campaign came to a satisfactory conclusion.   Our culinary skills paired with some of fine wines we found at market nearby.

Finally, home awaits us…. Suffering through long hours in this loud uncomfortable C-130 airplane will be something to remember in near future.

GETGAMM Summer 2013 Greenland…

Sean and Justin out…



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