Greenland – April 2, 2014

DSCF0556  After picking up our shipment from the NSF cargo area, most of the day was spent on organizing a lab and preparing field equipment such as our IB2 drill (shown above), Sniffer drill strings and an Open-path laser spectrometer (OPLS) shown below. The IB2 and Sniffer will be used to collect gas that builds up in the bedrock formations down to 2m depth. The OPLS will then be used to detect methane isotopes from the sampled gas.


From right to left: Seth, Sarah, Amy and Jeffrey from Indiana University (Lisa is taking photo) followed by Gale and Bolek from Honeybee Robotics


(Photo courtesy of Lisa Pratt)

As a reward, a short trip was made in the evening to get to know the area better. We drove in two pickups for a few miles from Kangerlussuaq along an ice frozen, snow covered dirt road that leads towards Russells Glacier which we will hopefully visit soon!

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