Greenland – April 3, 2014

First day of field testing. Weather is perfect – sunny, very few clouds with temperatures between -10 and -15C. All necessary equipment is carried on our backs up a hill to a frozen lake which informally goes by Lake Potentilla from where we get spectacular views of the surrounding area (even a glimpse of the glacier).  At the lake, Seth, Jeff, Amy, and Sarah work on deploying sensors at various depths after successfully drilling through the ice to liquid water. At the same time, the rest of the team drill a “sniffer” hole and tap it off for gas to accumulate from a rock formation at the lakes edge.  We then go for a short hike with Lisa to collect gas samples from few previously drilled sniffer holes in the vicinity of the lake. The day is a success and everyone is content.


From left to right: Bolek, Lisa and Gale.


Jeff and Seth using a gas powered ice drill to get to the liquid water. The ice at this particular location was about as thick as the length of the auger in this picture. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Pratt)


Gale and Bolek drilling a sniffer hole down to almost 2 m depth. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Pratt)



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