Greenland – April 4, 2014

IMAG1044Today was another beautiful day filled with productive work combined with some great hiking. Our first task was to hike up with coring equipment to a gossan which was located near Russell Glacier. Views were amazing and Lisa shared her knowledge on the geology of the area.


Russell Glacier is one of few glaciers that still advances at a rate of about 25m per year from the Greenland Ice Sheet – largest in the Northern hemisphere. This movement forms a so called terminal moraine which is  basically a mound of mixed dirt and rocks formed at the front of the glacier, marking its maximum advance. This can be clearly seen in the image below.DSC05528

After leaving the equipment and before heading back we collected pieces of clear glacier ice intended for some whiskey tasting planned for the evening :-)DSC05535


A pair of reindeer seen on the way to our planned coring site at the gossan.

We finished the day with another sniffer hole at the Lake Potentilla (which involved a short hike up a hill…) and helped Jeffrey and company carry their water samples back to the lab.


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