Greenland – April 5, 2014

In the morning we helped with the installation of Passive Diffusion Bags (PDB’s) on Lake Potentilla. After Jeff and Seth redrilled the frozen borehole from yesterday, the PDB’s, attached to a cable, were installed into the lake to take water samples at evenly spaced out depths. The PDB’s which were initially full with deoxygenated water will be full with lake water in about five days which is when we will return to collect them.


Hiking to Tear Drop Lake.

After working in the middle of the lake it started to get cold so we gladly headed off to our next location, which was a small neighboring lake informally called Tear Drop Lake. We found a lot of snow drifts there which made it difficult to see the rock formations at the lake’s edge for a possible sniffer hole. Without a shovel on site, we resorted to using the ice auger to plow out the snow. A 1.5m sniffer hole was drilled in no time and the hole was tapped and Lisa took an initial gas sample.


Gale in action drilling a sniffer hole!


Taking an initial gas sample from the tapped sniffer hole.

Before heading back to the ‘ranch’, as Jeff likes to call it, we acquired GPS coordinates from all the sniffer holes from the last few days. This will allow easy localization when they are sampled again in the summer.

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