Greenland – April 6, 2014

 Today was a slower day to let the team recover from sore backs, ankles, feet, and general fatigue. Those of us still up for a little bit of exercise traveled out to scout for a good location to deploy the Ice Breaker V2 drill. This involved some sliding down a short snow covered hill and some more scenic views of the glacier and snow covered lakes and river bed. This post includes some scenic and maybe “not” so scenic images taken over the past few days. The excitement continues tomorrow!


Panoramic of North rock face on Potentilla Lake where two rock sniffers were placed for gas collection later this summer. Drilling into this very strong rock is much easier off of the ice covered lake, than from a small boat in the summer.


Great Panoramic of Glacier Fragments on the front side of the ice cap.


Scenic hike on the approximately 1.8 km trek back from the Gossan site. Look for more images from this location in tomorrows post as we plan on collecting cores from this site tomorrow.


Panoramic of River Bed South of Potentilla Lake.


Our “Sherpa” Bolek transferring our generator to the Gossan drill site in preparation for drilling activities.


The winter “blue berries” were not as tasty as the summer blue berries (referring to posts from 2012).


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