Greenland – April 7, 2014


We were back at the Gossan today. The weather was crisp and clear, temperatures around -15C with almost no wind.  DSC05615

We drilled a few holes using either a coring or an auger bit that was powered by a two-stroke Backpack drill. This setup allowed us to sample both small cores and cuttings from various depths which Lisa then collected in labelled zip lock bags for post analysis.


We soon found that a rotary-only drill would not get us as deep as we originally planned because of the underlying hard rock, possibly such as the one in the image below.  The maximum depth we reached was 36 inches in one of the four holes (others were between 5 and 14 inches deep). We decided to return tomorrow with a Hilti drill which would allow us to use rotary with percussion to acquire cuttings from a greater depth (down to 1.5m).


An metamorphic rock comprising of both a dark grey mafic  (rich in heavy minerals such as magnesium and iron) layer and white felsic (rich in felspar and silica) layer. We saw many such rocks in the Gossan and expect may have been drilling in something similar today.

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