Greenland – April 10, 2014


Our main focus today was to recover the Passive Diffusion Bags (PDB’s) from Lake Potentilla. We started by augering out the original frozen hole. We then we used the Hilti and a chisel like tool we referred to as the ‘harpoon’. Care had to be taken when drilling/chiseling not to cut the line that the PDB’s were attached to.


Amy  and Sarah use the “harpoon” to free the PDB line.


Lisa and Jeff pull out the PDB’s!!! A total of 36 were deployed in the lake and we lost only 3 (upper ones) in the complicated recovery process.

Our next task was to install two additional sniffer holes down to 1.5 m.  The idea is drill in locations without any fractures in the main rock so that gas is only accumulated in the sniffer hole and not from the intersecting fractures. This is a hit and miss process because the fractures are not always visible on the rock surface.

DSC05778 DSC05783

In the process we break two of our off-the-shelf drill strings. We suspect that the drill strings may have snapped when we unintentionally bent them while drilling with percussion on.


Tapping off the sniffer hole with a ‘packer’ which refers to the rubber seal that expands as we lock the device into the hole.


We plan on returning tomorrow with spare drill strings to drill one more sniffer hole.

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