Greenland – April 11, 2014


Today we were working around Lake Potentilla and Tear Drop Lake. Above is a view from the hike up to Lake Potentilla. It was a warm day with a high of +1C and most of the snow melted.


At the West end of the lake at a location called Red Bone a sniffer hole was drilled and tapped.



We pulled gas samples from five of our sniffer holes (4 from Potentilla and 1 from Tear Drop)


View of Tear Drop Lake.


Meanwhile, Seth, Sarah and Amy were collecting water samples using a pump deployed at different depths from Tear Drop Lake.

DSC05836 DSC05842

And we built a snowman at Tear Drop Lake.


But the most important event of the day was celebrated by going to the Rowing Club Restaurant on Lake Fergusson and then with a cake at the ‘ranch’ – Happy Birthday Jeff!!!


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