Greenland – April 12, 2014


Today was our last work day in the field. We went back with the Hilti drill to the Meta Shale site (aka IB2 site) where the IB2 had drilled to a depth of 2 m a few days ago.


We drilled two holes with the Hilti,  each  down to 1.5 m, while Lisa collected the cuttings every few inches. These samples will help determine the stratigraphy of the outcrop which we will then be able to compare with our IB2 drilling data. The IB2 drill records things like weight-on-bit, auger torque, rate of penetration, drilled input and consumed energy etc.


A good amount of sample was collected every few inches while drilling.


Ice crystals found between two rock layers.


Our field work is officially done. It has been a highly successful trip in that all goals seem to have been completed for all team members. We’re now allowed to come home!

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