LITA Field Testing 2015, Day 10 (April 6)

The LITA team is in the middle of field testing. Our rover Zoe has been driving to preselected locations, and at each location it takes a panorama, takes spectra readings of the surroundings, drills to collects subsurface samples, and uses the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS) to take spectra of the samples. Additionally, the team takes soil moisture content measurements and collects manual samples at 10, 20, 50, and 80 cm depth for comparison to the drill-acquired samples. So far, Zoe has visited 6 locations.

IMG_1760 IMG_1752

The LITA drill is a 1 meter drill with a specially designed drill bit for collecting subsurface samples. The drill has a brush mechanism that ejects the sample into one of 20 cubic centimeter containers on a carousel mounted on the rover. The carousel rotates the containers so that the samples can be collected, then analyzed by the MMRS. For a video describing the drill operation, see this link: LITA Drill Operation.


Dust devils have been a common occurrence in the sandy playas, which is where several of our test locations have been. Despite the busy schedule, we find time for fun as seen in our photos. Also, we saw a South American gray fox near the observatory the other day.



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