Rio Tinto Field Testing 2015, Day 1 (July 1)

For two weeks, a team of scientists and engineers will conduct Mars analog testing in Rio Tinto Spain under NASA’s Moon and Mars Analog Missions Activities (MMAMA) Project. The MMAMA project involves multiple field campaigns to gather scientific data from moon and Mars analog sites on Earth and develop technologies for future exploration of the moon and Mars. For this field campaign, engineers at NASA Ames designed a mock lander which carries Honeybee Robotics’ 1 meter sampling drill and Centro de Astrobiologia’s (CAB) Signs of Life Detector (SOLID).

Spain MapNerva Map

This week, we visited CAB located at Spain’s space agency, Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aerospacial in Madrid, Spain to check equipment, pack for travel to Rio Tinto, and meet researchers. The team traveled to the town of Nerva near the Rio Tinto mines in southwestern Spain to set up the test site. The following link is a video of the test site setup: Rio Tinto Setup

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