Atacama Field Test 2016: Day 2 (Oct 16) Loading Equipment

Today the team traveled to a storage warehouse near Antofagasta to load up the expedition trucks with equipment. Daniel and I checked the shipments from Honeybee and found them to be in good order. All of the supplies we will need to set up camp for the first week, including generators, tents, tables, stoves, fuel and food are now ready to travel. Judging from the smooth logistics, it’s clear that we are working with professionals!


This evening, we had a team technical review and safety meeting. In the first phase of the expedition, we will be working in Salar Grande to collect both surface and subsurface samples. The surface samples will be collected from exposed salt nodules found on top of the dry ancient lake bed. The subsurface samples will be collected from an excavated outcrop of buried salt beds known as “The Wall.” Tomorrow’s drive to Salar Grande will take about 6 hours.


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