Summit Station, Day 18, 6/21/2019

Well, certainly no time was wasted today. The JPL team got right to work unpacking and testing the WATSON instrument in the morning. All systems checked out and so that cleared the way for integration with the drill in the afternoon/evening. We are now sharing workspace in the SMG with a CAT D7 Bulldozer undergoing extensive repairs. Due to the nature of this work, we alternated shifts with the Summit team and thoroughly covered our equipment while the D7 work was underway. A little after 10:00 pm, we successfully completed the integration and communications testing of WATSON! This was a huge step for us and hats off to Bolek for his dexterity in getting both ends closed without any damage to the fragile optical components. Tomorrow will be dedicated to some final software tweaks and if all goes well, we head back to the drill site on Sunday for the first round of borehole scanning. Stay tuned!

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