Summit Station, Day 20, 6/23/19

After a day of software tweaks and improvements yesterday, today we moved the drill back to the site now carrying an extra 1.4 meters of length! This also marked the science team’s first day out to the drill site. Wrapped in tarp and cushioned with a mattress, we pulled the drill on a sled behind a Ski-Doo. We made the 4-mile trip at a speed of about 10 mph, taking no chances with our precious cargo. After arriving at the site, the first task was to clear out the snow drift that had accumulated in the 4 days that we had been away from the site. After that, the next challenge was to maneuver the 4-meter drill through the small dome tent door and into the 3-meter-deep lower trench. This was no easy task, but we managed to pull it off with all hands on deck. The next step was to confirm no damages to the drill in transportation and wouldn’t you know…success! With drill and instrument fully operational, we made a few initial mapping (raster) scans of the borehole before calling it a day. Tomorrow should be a full day of data collection. Stay tuned!

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