Summit Station, Greenland – June 6, 2019

Big day today… we broke ground on the Baker Hole camp site! We made our initial visit in the morning to move some of our cargo and setup tents. We returned to the camp site in the afternoon to finish assembling the dome tent and begin digging the trench for the drilling structure. To our surprise, the tent went up in no time! Then everyone grabbed a shovel and we dug out the entire 2 m x 2 m x 1 m deep upper trench. Overall, a very productive day setting up camp. We even captured the picture perfect moment to cap off the successful day…

Check back in tomorrow as we begin moving the drilling system to the camp site!


IMG_8857 IMG_8851 IMG_8839 IMG_0408 IMG_8855

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Summit Station, Greenland – June 5, 2019

Last night was our first night at Summit Station. It was quite cold, dipping down well below 0 F. We were certainly glad we packed the Arctic sleeping bags! This morning we had our first breakfast and morning meeting with the Summit staff and then got straight to work after. The first task was to move our cargo from the cargo staging area into the SMG (Summit Mobile Garage) where we were given some space to setup and test. Good thing we were provided sleds! We then began unpacking and assembling and by day’s end had the drill setup for testing and the deployment structure fully assembled… not a bad haul for only our 2nd day! We also had our snowmobile orientation since that will be our mode of transportation to and from the Baker Hole, which is located 4 miles from the station. To top off the day, they even let Kris do the honors of their daily weather balloon release!

Stay tuned as we prepare to make our first visit to the drilling site!

IMG_8776 IMG_8814 IMG_8826

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